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I used the sheer jersey 2 sided T shirt from american apparel to make this "Jewel" top but you can use any T shirt you like. Just make your own version. This T shirt has a reversible neck. One side is high and the other side is low. If you want to cut lower for a deeper front neck drop or to show your sexy back, just cut lower. If you like the T shirt as is, you don't even need scissors for this project!

Here's how you do it!

1.) Short sleeve T shirt
2.) thread
3.) pins
4.) needle
5.) scissors
6.) measuring tape
7.) sewing machine (not required)
8.) 1/2" sequin & metallic trim.

Duration: 30 min to 1 hour.
Sewing Level:  Easy

1. Measure around the full neck line & armhole/sleeve opening to figure out how much trim you will need to buy. Roughly you will need about 1 yard or more.

2. For this project, I bought a 1/2" sequin embellished trim at the fabric store.

3. Pin the trim around the neck and armhole/sleeve opening then hand or machine sew.

4. When you get to the end, fold the trim under and sew down so the trim does not fray.

How easy was that!!!

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