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Holiday time is here again. Want some BLING in your wardrobe? Dress it UP with a satin or velvet bottom or dress it DOWN with your favorite denim. Make this tank in any knit fabric. Here we have a sequin knit tank made in simple steps. Start from scratch all on your own and make this or any knit tank in only about 3 hours! Celebrate this holiday with your DIY SEQUIN TANK TOP!

1. Find your best fitting knit tank top you want to copy and follow the step by step instructions below.

2. Lay the tank on pattern pattern or any paper big enough to trace the tank onto. Pin the tanks onto the paper so it does not move around. Trace the edge of the tank onto paper.

3. For the area such as the front neckline where you cannot trace the edge due to the back neckline being higher than the front.. use a pin or push pin to mark the paper by puncturing hole into the paper to trace later. You can use a tracing wheel if you have one.

4. Finish tracing the front and back of tank and cut it out. You will have a front piece and a back piece.

5. Lay the pattern pieces onto fabric and pin. Cut along the edge leaving 1/4' seam allowance all around. Sew the front and back side seams and shoulders together. For the armhole and neckline, you can finish the edges by sewing a bias binding or fold inward and single needle top stitch along the edge. For this tank, I only sewed a stay stitch along the edge to prevent stretching but I kept the edges raw.

If you have a knit dress, you can do the same and have a tank dress! Try it and have fun making your holiday tank. It's fast, it's easy and it looks great! Happy Holidays Everyone!