New Easy Fun PDF Skirt Pattern Coming in September!

Hello All,

I am working on a new PDF pattern to launch in September. Perfect time for Fall 15. Of course this is an easy pattern that is for novice sewers. Minimal pattern pieces to keep it simple and easy to understand. Comes in sizes XS to Plus Size. Easy fit and sewing as it has an elastic waistband. Stretch fabric is used for a good fit and fully lined for flattering curve lines. Here are some samples of the "FUN Skirt" I made using some beautiful colorful prints!

I love this print of watercolor flowers in fall colors!

The colors on this print are also amazing. So bright and cheerful. Accents of the bright pink pops making the print very feminine and colorful.

 Cobalt Blue Zebra print! Love it! Who says zebras prints only have to be in black and white?! The fade out print also makes is very unique and pretty.

This skirt is flattering on any body type and so easy to wear and comfortable!
Sometimes, skirts are too tight and restrictive. Only "thin" people can wear pencil skirts but here, we use stretch fabric with elastic waistband. Also, the lining inside smooths out all the little bumps here and there :)

Last but not least the graphic black and white print. Looks great with just about any color!

If you are interested, you can buy one of these skirts there or wait til September when I launch my new downloadable PDF skirt pattern  and make one for yourself! 

Hope you had a great Summer!


DIY Jewelry!

Hello Everyone!
In addition to DIY clothing, I also love Jewelry making! These are some of my creations.  I have also put them up for sale in my store. Take a look!


Black Raw uncut Diamond pendant layering necklace.

 Dainty Drip CZ diamond layering necklace


 Hammered Gold disk layering necklace.


 Dainty chandelier necklace. For Wedding, bridesmaid or everyday layering necklace.

Double strand CZ diamond solitaire necklace.

 Layering the necklaces together.




Hello Everyone!

I opened a store with some of my stuff. Please check it out!   Click here to go to the store.

Jee's Shop


Bed, Pool or Beach Anyone?

Summer is here! Look fabulous and make this for your vacation on the beach or laying around by the pool! If you don't like being in the sun, make a lingerie robe!

Pattern B. Take only 3-4 hours start to finish!


Black Kaftan Kimono Dress with belt

Here is a dress made using Pattern C

This is an elegant dress made using a black silk chiffon gold embroidered fabric.
Took only 3-4 hours from start to finish. Very easy beginner dress but doesn't look it!

Try and make one yourself today!


Sheer Summer Top

These Sheer Summer Tops were made using Style #A from the Molino V2 PDF Pattern. You can wear it over your bathing suit or make it  with a less sheer fabric and wear it with shorts. 

This style has a wide neckline so you can wear it off the shoulder with or without a belt. Here are some views on the mannequin without the belt. Fits any body type and very comfortable and chic.

This style is very easy to make and takes only about 3 hours.
Below picture is the same style different print on a model wearing it with a self belt tie. It is only belted at the front for a cinched waist but the back is not belted for a loose fit. The belt will go around inside your waist but will not show on the outside of the garment when worn. It will look like the top back view picture when belted at the front.

You'll love this top in any kind of drapey fabric. Use rayon for a more opaque t-shirt look or sheer silk or polyester fabric to achieve a scarf like look! See what look you can come up with. It's fun and it's easy!



Poncho style from the Molino V2 pattern. Download instantly here, make it & rock it !-->  




Here is another style made using the Molino V2 pattern. There are 5 different styles included and endless looks you can make with this Easy to make PDF Pattern & tutorial E-book. Download instantly here -->  

This is a perfect summer Summer Dress for any occasion. Easy, comfortable and flattering on any body type. Great for Plus size too! If you know how to sew a straight line, you can make this dress. No pattern experience necessary! Expert Level is EASY. Make this your next DIY sewing project!





Now you can make this gorgeous Kaftan Jacket as well as 4 other styles all included in 1 PDF Pattern & tutorial E-book. Download instantly here -->   

More style photos to come....

 Happy Sewing!



Here is another sneak peak of a brand new style that is added to the updated Molino 2.0 pattern. There will be 5 easy to make styles in the new and updated e-book. It will be ready for instant download in just a few days. Stay tuned!



Almost ready to launch the new updated "MOLINO" pattern which includes 5 different styles in one pattern e-book. Stay tuned!



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Warm weather is here again and this skirt is perfect for this time of the season. I chose to use a cotton crinkled gauze fabric. No ironing required and the airiness of the fabric keeps me cool and comfortable all day long :) This skirt is so easy to make, you can make a few in one day in different styles in various lengths and colors & prints.


Fabric Quantity: 1 1/8 YARD (used for this tutorial but will be less or more depending on desired length of skirt)
Fabric Quality: I used cotton gauze. I recommend lighter weight soft fabrics (rayon is another good choice). More drape the better. You can use woven or knit quality fabric!
Trim: 1/4" elastic
Duration: 1 to 2 hours
Skill Level: Beginner 
Follow the instructions below:

1. Cut 2 pc's in the desired length. For this skirt pictured, I cut 2 pc's 20 inches in length.

2. Sew the front and back side seams together with about 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Figure out how much elastic length you need. Measure the elastic around your waist and cut at a comfortable width.


4. Sew a 3/8" waist casing to insert the elastic at top waistband.
5. Sew a bottom hemline. Clean finish the hemline by folding over and single needle stitch.


6. Insert the elastic with a safety pin all around the waistband casing. Pull elastic through the other end and sew the elastic ends together. Then finish sewing the casing shut so that there is no elastic exposed.

That's it! You have made your awesome skirt! Now go and make another one and enjoy them all summer long! :0)



Today I went to the fabric district in Downtown LA and bought a BUNCH of fabric.
If you live in or near Los Angeles, it is definitely the place to go for fabric! They have the best selections and the best prices around!

The biggest fabric store with the most variety of selection and the MOST ORGANIZED is Michael Levine. There is no haggling there and their prices are very reasonable.

If you are planning on making a trip, here is a directory of what you will find there. http://fashiondistrict.org

Have fun fabric shopping fellow fashion sewers!




FABRIC FABRIC FABRIC!!! I LOVE FABRIC and the COLORS! Surrounding myself all around beautiful fabric gets me so inspired to work on so many projects. Here is a preview of some silk Kaftan cover ups that I will be selling on my online boutique. It is almost ready but there are so many beautiful fabric choices, I keep starting on a new one...I need to focus.... In the meantime, if you want to make one of these yourself, you can download the instructions here -->


I have finally organized my fabric closet by color. Lets hope this closet stays this way for a while.

You can never have too many thread colors. So many variations in color!

My fabric closet is maxed out! Knit fabrics folded on one side and all my silk fabrics hung on the other side. I keep rolls of fabric in a storage unit for now. I guess you can never have enough fabric!




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Casual, Romantic, Elegance is the inspiration for this silk vest I made. Used neutral nudes with faded denim blue color for the mood board. I love the light and airy touch and feel of this delicate silk chiffon jacquard fabric I used. The sheer and drapiness of the the silk chiffon gives a real feminine touch to wear with faded denim pants. This vest looks fancy and difficult to make but you'll be surprised how simple and easy of a project it is. All you need is a little bit of fabric and a sewing machine to stitch and finish the hem all around. Follow the simple step by step instructions with diagram below!

Skill Level: Beginner
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Fabric Quantity: 2 yards (For this vest, I only used 1/2 of the 2 yards but if you use the full 2 yards, the vest can be made longer and worn as a beach coverup). OR you can make 2 vests with the 2 yards OR make 1 vest and 1 scarf with the left over remaining fabric :-)  
Fabric Quality: Use Silk, Polyester or Rayon fabrics with drape!

The armhole opening is at the top joining at the shoulder and side.

This is how the garment looks flat.

1. Divide/cut the fabric in 1/2. My fabric was 44" selvedge to selvedge to when I cut in half, I got 22". (See above in "fabric quantity" explanation for ideas on what you can do with the remaining 1/2 of the left over fabric.

2. Clean finish the hem on all 4 sides by top stitching 1/8" to 1/4" baby hemline.

3. From both ends, fold 16 1/2" towards center as shown above. 

4. Sew front and back together 1 3/4" on both sides for shoulder width as shown above. This will create the armhole opening! That's it! You have completed this project! How easy was that!?!


Enjoy your nice looking scarf vest!!