FABRIC FABRIC FABRIC!!! I LOVE FABRIC and the COLORS! Surrounding myself all around beautiful fabric gets me so inspired to work on so many projects. Here is a preview of some silk Kaftan cover ups that I will be selling on my online boutique. It is almost ready but there are so many beautiful fabric choices, I keep starting on a new one...I need to focus.... In the meantime, if you want to make one of these yourself, you can download the instructions here -->


I have finally organized my fabric closet by color. Lets hope this closet stays this way for a while.

You can never have too many thread colors. So many variations in color!

My fabric closet is maxed out! Knit fabrics folded on one side and all my silk fabrics hung on the other side. I keep rolls of fabric in a storage unit for now. I guess you can never have enough fabric!


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