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Take a plain long sleeve T shirt and alter it to have fluffy full sleeves with a deep sexy plunging neckline. This project is also very simple to make! Try it for yourself and see!

Here are step by step instruction on how to make your new stylin top!

1.) 1 long sleeve T
2.) thread
3.) pins
4.) needle
5.) scissors
6.) sewing machine (not required)

Duration: 1 1/2 to 2 hours
Sewing Level: Easy

1. Lay the Tshirt flat on a surface. Cut out the sleeves around  the armhole seams. Make sure to mark the front and back of sleeve. This is very important!

2,3. Draw the neck line you desire and cut it out. make sure to make neck centered.

4.  Lay both sleeve flat as in the picture. Measure the full length of the sleeve from top (longest point at top) to bottom. Mark 3 points evenly at edge. See A,B,C in picture. Please note to mark the under arm sleeve in A to measure 2". Cut the 3 sections across as in picture. Discard Section D. You will not need it.

5. Cut A as in picture straight from top to bottom. Keep the2" underarm seam in tact as in picture. 

6. Cut B and C panels straight down the seam and open up the panels. Then pin the flat cut pieces to each side of A, as in the picture.  

7. Connect and sew the B and C edges together by overlapping them. 
You will need to measure the full circumference of the armhole. As in the picture, fold 4 tucks evenly and pin to keep from opening. The 4 tucks are only make in between the B and C panels. Panel A has no folds. Hand sew the folds down about 1/4" away from edge.

8. Pin the folds down as in picture.

9,10. Pin your new sleeves into the armhole. Make sure you are pinning the front and back of sleeves into the armhole correctly.  Make sure the seam allowance is in the inside of the shirt. The sleeves should have been marked front and back as instructed in point #1. After pinning the sleeve and armhole to fit, Sew them together. You can sew them by hand (as I did) or use sewing machine. Be careful not to stretch out the armhole.

Good job! You have now completed your new Flutter Sleeve Top! Have fun showing off your new creation to your friends!

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  1. Must finish neckline and hem the sleeves if this is to last past the first wash!