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It's summer and you need a beach dress. Here is an easy halter dress you can drape and make in less than 3 hours! You will need to find a knit fabric that has spandex in it. I used a knit fabric with a tie dye print. I draped this dress fabric directly on the form so I can save a lot of time. You will see below how easy it was for me to make it!

- 1 1/4 yard (if you want longer add more yardage) 60" wide knit fabric with spandex
- 1/4" Elastic




Here are step by step instructions for you to follow.

*I padded my form so it is customized to my measurements.  

A. Cut the fabric in 1/2 at center for the front and back panel. Each panel will equals 30" wide. 
Fold the top 8" so the chest will be lined. Fold the fabric (wrong side) in half and mark the CF with a pin. Pin the fabric with the CF aligned with center of the form. You will be draping only one side.

B. Repeat Step A to the back.
C. Pin the side seam together. I pinned it slightly A line. After pinning, cut along pinning with about 1/2" Seam allowance included. Keep the left over fabric to make drawstring later.
D. Side view after pinning the side seam.
E. Take the fabric off the form and lay it flat. Mark the pinning, with chalk or pen directly onto the fabric. 

F. Unpin the front and back. Smooth out the seam line and add 1 or 2 notches on the seam line and keep about 1/4" to 3/8" seam allowance along seam line.
G. Now, copy to the other side of the body. Fold separately, the front and back on the invisible CENTER line and cut along the seam allowance line.
H. Match up the notches and pin the front and back together along side seams. Sew the side seams together on the sewing machine.

After sewing the garment together at side seams, fold the front and back chest/back facing and put back on the form to seem if the fit and  drape is right.

I. Measure elastic needed. Measure the back top along edge seam to seam and reduce -3.  Back length -3"= Elastic length. Sew a stitch 5/16" away from top edge make a casing for the elastic at back top edge. insert the elastic in the casing sandwiched between the back panel and inside facing panel. Sew/tack the elastic to the side seams to keep in place.

J. Take the left over fabric and cut and sew 2 drawstrings Make the length to your desired length. I made 1/2" wide drawstring. Then cut 1 piece of fabric 1 1/" x 14".  Fold the piece of fabric in the middle so the length equals 7". The fold should be aligned with the top center of the front body opening.

K-L.  Sandwich the ends of the 2 drawstring as L and pin in place.

M-N. Sew the drawstring onto the front garment. Straight stitch a straight line at center of the 2 strings to divide. 

O-P. Pull the drawstrings and make ruching. Tack the ruched fabric to keep the ruching in place.

Here is how the dress looks on the form again.  

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  1. These halter dresses are mind blowing and i am interested in seeing embroidered dresses for home use and your article is amazing and i love this dress. Keep it up.