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Are you looking for a versatile top that is unique and you can wear on any occasion? Here is a lovely comfortable and sexy top you can wear casually over jeans or wear as a fancy top to a party or a special occasion. All you need a a sewing machine and a little bit of your time. Maybe 2 1/2  to 4 hours... depending on your skill level. Whether you are a bigger or long time sewer, you can make this top from scratch and without fussing with a paper pattern. 

This is a high low style top but high in the back and low in the front. It is slightly cropped in the back will show off your sexy back. You can wear a tank underneath if you do not want too much skin exposed, so no worries! In this photo, the model is a size small but this top is a one size top that will fit small to a large.

MooI chose to make this top using a silk habotai fabric. I love the luxurious quality and rich look of silk habotai. Silk take color really well and I love the lightness and the flowy drapiness of the fabric! I think this style will also be soo fabulout as a dress by making it a little longer! So easy!!! Follow the step by step instructions below. Good luck and enjoy!


-1 1/4 yards of fabric (silk habotai or any light drapey fabric)
-1 yard of 1/4" bias binding (match the color to the fabric)

A. Fold the fabric in half.

B. Draw directly on the fabric the neck dimensions as below
-Neck opening width 17"
-Front neck drop from top edge to CF = 5".
-Back neck drop from top edge to CB = 1 1/2".
Draw the front and back neck line with chalk. Cut along marked neck line.

C. Centered at CF neck, fold 5, 1" pleats in 1 direction. Pin them in place as you fold. Centered at CB neck, fold an inverted pleat (1" on each side). Pin the pleats in place. ***Make sure your head can go through the neck before you proceed to D. If you want the neck to be bigger, just make the neck opening wider.

D. Sew a basting stitch (either by hand or sewing machine) around the neckline 1/8" from edge, to keep the pleats in place. Take the pins out as you sew.

E. Use the binding tape to sew along edge of neckline.
E-1. Insert the self fabric in between the bias binding fold and stitch close to the edge all around the opening of the front and back neck line.
E-2.  Turn the sewn bias binding to the inside of the neck. Pin the binding around neck to keep in place. Straight stitch 1/8" along edge of neckline, take out the pins as you sew.

F. Side seam construction: Turn garment inside out. Mark 13" down from top and 3" in from side. Pin first then sew the side seams. Overlock the edge of seam allowance. You can also sew a french seam if you don't want to overlock the seam allowance.

G, H. Armhole and Bottom them construction: Overlock all around the armhole and bottom edge. Fold self fabric to inside of garment at armhole and bottom hem 3/8". Straight stitch 1/4" all around the front and back of armhole and bottom hem.  Press where necessary. Good job, you have completed this project! 

Front and back view of pleated neck silk top. The pleats add fullness to the body of the garment. The back is slightly shorter than the front. I hope you enjoyed making this top.

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