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Take a plain T shirt and make it interesting by adding feminine ruffles. This project only looks difficult but it is very simple to make! Try it for yourself and see!

Here are the step by step instructions on how to make this fun and cute top. Have fun!

1.) 1 long sleeve T   
2.) thread
3.) pins 
4.) needle 
5.) scissors 
6.) sewing machine (not required)

Duration: 2 1/2 to 3 hour
Sewing Level: Easy

1. Cut about a 5" slit at the center front neck. Then cut the front and back together from the front with the shirt laid flat, following the armhole shape about 1/2" away from the armhole seam, as in the picture.

2. Turn the garment to the back and lay flat. Recut the back armhole deeper into the uppecenter back so it has more of a racer back shape to give it a sexier l

3. Take the sleeves and cut into 2" strips as in picture.

4. You will have a little of fabric scraps left over which you can throw out.

5. Take the strips cut from sleeves and connect them into a long piece by sewing them together. You can  overlap the strips and stitch down or stitch with 1/8" seam allowance. Sew whichever way is more convenient and easy for you.

6. Take the long strip you sewed together and stitch a very loose basting stitch at center of strip. Then pull the thread from one end and shirr the whole strip to make ruffles.

7,8. Take the ruffled strip and pin around neck and armhole as in the picture.

9. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the ruffle down to the shirt so you can see where you are sewing better.

10. Finish sewing the ruffles and lastly as an option sew a drawstring using left over fabric or ribbon to the front neck opening.

You are done! Have fun wearing your new creation!


  1. Thanks for sharing this procedure. It's really great to wear sleeveless t shirts because these are more beautiful and comfortable also. very useful information. Keep it up !!!