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This project is very similar to project #17: Strapless maxi. You can use knit or woven fabric for the body. For the top and bottom finishing, you will need a rib. Make a few different styles for the summer!

See the directions below on how to make this cute top. You can shape in the waist (reduce -1 1/2" total where your waist hits, or keep the sides straight as the diagram below for looser/relaxed fit.

A. Width = Your Chest circumference +2".
B. Center Front (longest length) = Desired length.
C. Center Back (shortest length) = Front length - 3".
D. Rib (with spandex) Length = A - 1 1/2". Height = 1/8" more than elastic height. If your elastic is 1", the height of the rib will be 2x's (double), as you will need to fold in half + seam allowance.
E.  Elastic = Circumference under you armpits. Keep it tight enough the top will not fall down.You only need elastic for the top.

For sewing, stitch the sides together. Sew the rib ends together, sew top and bottom rib all around the edge. Leave about 1 1/2" open on the top seam. You will need to pull the elastic through, inside the top rib casing. Sew the elastic ends together once it has been pulled through. Now finish stitching the rib to the top rib.  You are done!!! Have fun mix and matching the fabric and rib in different colors and prints. You can design and make this top for any occasion depending on the fabric you choose!


  1. Today has proved lucky. because i found your blog. So many tutorials and lovely designs. It helps for any sewer. great job. i am sure there will be many that i will try out from your blog.

  2. Great tutorial. And that top is adorable. Love the pattern and the blue top and bottom bands.
    What fabric did you use for this top? I am wondering what type to use for mine. Something stretchy definitely. But did you use a polyester blend, cotton? What did you use or what do you recommend using? Would very much appreciate a reply.

  3. Hi Jessica, I used a cotton poplin (woven/no stretch) fabric with rib knit banding. You can use knit or woven with or without stretch. As long as you have elastic as directed you should be fine. Good luck! Jee