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This is a preview of draping projects to come! I draped this wrap dress straight onto the dress form. The vest was also draped on the form but I made a pattern diagram below so it will be easy for you to follow.

The vest was made from an embroidered mesh fabric. The fabric was expensive so I made a small vest using only 1/2 a yard of fabric!

The pattern below is in 3 pieces. The back and front are exactly the same excpet at center front and front shoulder lines. Trace the front and back the same except follow the blue dotted line for the front shoulder seam lines.

You can adjust the measurements to fit your body. For this tutorial, the vest is a size Small/Medium. Note, you will need to add 1/4 to 1/2" seam allowance all around the pattern.

A. Body length = 17"
B. Shoulder slope = 3 1/2"
C. Armhole straight = 8' (curve the armhole in about 1/2" at middle of amrhole.)
D. Bottom side curve = 3/4"
E. Shoulder width across = Chest +2"
F. Chest width 1" below armhole = 20"
G. Sweep = Chest -1/2"
H. Adjust the front shoulders as the blue dotted line.

I used this lace seam binding for finishing the inside of the vest. The lace binding creates a vintage feel to the vest and looks very pretty.

Draping the dress! This dress is made from a matte jersey fabric. The front panel has the grainline draping diagonally from shoulder across body. In this tutorial, I do not give specific meausrements but took pictures to show you the steps in the process of draping a garment. Usually, you would use muslin but I wanted to do a quick job so I used the fabric directly on the dress form.

The front shoulders and back skirt seam have pleats added for fullness. Once the front and back pieces are draped, the lines are cleaned up after laying flat on the table.

Here is the finished dress. Worn with a belt, this dress looks great on any figure! Happy Sewing!