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Here is the perfect summer dress you can make in just couple of hours! It is so easy to make and wear. Make it in a solid or printed fabric. You can use knit or woven fabric for this project.

Here are step by step instructions on how to make this dress.

#1)  1 1/2 yards of fabric + elastic

#2)  Figure out how much length of elastic you will need to go around right above your chest / right under armpits AND around your waist. Remember to keep the elastic tight so the dress will hold up when worn on the body. Sew the elastic ends together.

#3)  Fold the fabric in half. Sew the center back from top to bottom edge. Cut the back -2" blending to 0" at front. The back must be lower than the front of the body to fit properly.

#4)  Fold the garment inside out and start pinning the elastic at top opening. Make sure to leave enough fabric at top to fold and cover the elastic after sewing. When sewing the elastic to the fabric, you will need to gently pull the elastic to create shirring in the fabric since the fabric circumference will be much bigger than the elastic it self.

#5) Fold the top seam allowance inward to cover the elastic and stitch the elastic and fabric together again.

#6)  Pin & sew the elastic the same way as the top but there will be no seam allowance at waist. The elastic will be sewn directly to the inside of the waist. The stitching used on this example was in zig zag stitch but you can do straight stitch if you prefer.

#7) Finally, hem the length of the dress to your liking. You can keep it long maxi length or shorter.

Enjoy the summer showing off your new outfit that you made! :)


  1. Oh my gosh...this was my next idea on my sewing list and I just found you on Craftsy- now I don't have to do any of the thinking, I can just follow your tutorial! Awesome- Thank you...and great job!

  2. This might be the perfect thing for a Weeping Angel outfit