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This is so easy! Why buy a scarf when you can just cut the fabric to the size you want and make it yourself. If you have a printed fabric that you love and would like to wear it around, just cut it and wear it to make your outfits pop! Here's how!

1. Soft Fabric for nicer drape (see below for dimension). I chose silk/cotton.
2. Iron
3. Sewing machine
4. Trim (optional, see below)

Duration:  1- 1 /2 hour
Level: Easy

Here are 3 versions you can choose from to give you an idea.

Option1: Baby hem finish
Cut fabric width =26" x length =70".
1. Fold and Press 1/8" all around the raw edges.
2,3. Fold 1/8" again so the raw edge is covered and stitch close as possible to the fold edge as possible.

Option 2: Pom Pom trim
Cut fabric width =26" x length =70".
1. Find a trim that you like and finish ends as #1 above.
2. Sew 2 opposite ends or all around the edges of the fabric. It's up to you.

Option 3: Bias binding
Cut fabric width =6 1/2" x length =54". Cut the corners to be rounded for easier sewing.
1. Bias binding are sold in any fabric stores. Get 1 package of 1/4" bias binding and sandwich the fabric in between the folded binding.
2. Carefully stitch the binding all around the scarf.

I recommend a soft woven fabric such as silk charmeuse, habotai or chiffon for better drape. You can also make the scarf with a fine cut and sew knit fabric which will be even easier, since you don't have to finish the raw edges. Most lightweight knits do not fray when cut.

Pick from the 3 options shown here or make your own fabulous version. Good Luck!

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